CVAA Referee Clinic

The CVAA is pleased to announce that the second annual CVAA REFEREE Level 1 Clinic (Intro To Refereeing) will be held on November 18th, 2017!! This one day course will cover all the basics of basketball refereeing including rules of the game, fitness, equipment and court dimensions, first aid, hand signals, game management and much more!  The best part is that the course, which is normally priced at $150, is offered free to all grade 8-12 North Island Basketball Players! and  to all other coaches, parents and players involved in any North Island Basketball program!. The CVAA Basketball Referee Level 1 Clinic is taught by longtime Nanaimo basketball referee, Mike James! Please fill out and submit the registration form attached below  to ensure your place in the clinic (being sure to complete in full all required fields).

The Comox Valley Referee Association is on the looking to recruit new referees from this clinic ($30 to $50 PER GAME $$)

All skill levels welcome...

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